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European Anti-Fraud Office
Oznámenie podvodu
Novinový článok24 apríl 2013Európsky úrad pre boj proti podvodom

Attempts at misinformation



OLAF has drawn attention in recent days to the fact that attempts are being made to give a false impression of issues relating to the investigation concerning former Commissioner Dalli.  These have included claims that a Report by the OLAF Supervisory Committee made statements which it did not make, and the circulation of documents described as extracts, summaries or preliminary copies of Reports or Opinions prepared by the Committee.  Notably, a 41 paragraph document of unknown origin is being falsely described as written by the OLAF Supervisory Committee. OLAF deplores these attempts to mislead and manipulate public opinion.


Dátum uverejnenia
24 apríl 2013
Európsky úrad pre boj proti podvodom