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Nyhetsartikel25 augusti 2022Europeiska byrån för bedrägeribekämpning

Combatting European environmental crimes takes centre stage in Norway


Around 50 representatives from EU and Norwegian organisations took part in a two-day conference entitled “Fighting Environmental Crimes Together With EU” taking place in Oslo, Norway, on 22 and 23 August 2022.

The conference, which was organised by the Norwegian Environment Agency, heard from speakers from OLAF, EUROJUST and EUROPOL on actions that they had taken to target environmental crimes such as illegal waste shipments and trade in illicit and harmful gases.

Tackling environmental crimes

OLAF has launched operational activities in recent years, especially in fighting waste trafficking, illicit trade in f-gases, timber, chemicals and products. For example:

  • Earlier in 2022 OLAF helped Spanish authorities bring about the seizure of 110 tonnes of illicitly traded environmentally damaging F-gases (valued at €11 million), with the operation resulting in the arrest of 27 people
  • In 2021 OLAF worked closely with Italian authorities to prevent the illegal export of over 3,000 tonnes of plastic and other waste to third countries
  • As part of Operation Silver Axe, last year, OLAF actions led to the identification and seizure of 39 tonnes of illegal pesticides
  • OLAF also supported an operation against the illicit trade of glass eels, which prevented the trafficking of well over 1 tonne of the endangered species.  

You can find more information on OLAF’s role in preventing environmental damage and protecting EU’s green recovery in the focus chapter of the OLAF Report 2021.


25 augusti 2022
Europeiska byrån för bedrägeribekämpning
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