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European Anti-Fraud Office
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Ειδησεογραφικό άρθρο22 Οκτώβριος 2018Ευρωπαϊκή Υπηρεσία Καταπολέμησης της Απάτης

Conference on the Anti-Fraud Information System and OLAF's support to customs agencies



On 11 - 12 October, OLAF organised an event to promote the Anti-Fraud Information System (AFIS) to Member States Customs Authorities. The event took place in Vienna, with the support of the Austrian Presidency of the EU Council.

AFIS is a secure IT platform, managed by OLAF, which hosts a set of applications accessible to all Member States.

OLAF Policy Director, Margarete Hofmann and Herwig Heller, Director for Antifraud measures at the Austrian Ministry of Finance, opened the discussions which brought together OLAF colleagues from Directorates B, C and D with 80 national-level delegates.

The conference focused on OLAF's support to customs agencies in their antifraud work, as well as future avenues for cooperation.  The delegates expressed satisfaction with the legal instruments provided by OLAF. The same also applies to the IT tools and databases developed by the Office.

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Ημερομηνία δημοσίευσης
22 Οκτώβριος 2018
Ημερομηνία δημοσίευσης
Ευρωπαϊκή Υπηρεσία Καταπολέμησης της Απάτης
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