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News article4 June 2024European Anti-Fraud Office1 min read

Illicit refrigerant gases intercepted in the Netherlands following OLAF tip-off

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The Dutch authorities intercepted three trucks from Türkiye that were transporting over 3,500 cylinders, containing approximately 40 tonnes of F-gases (HFC). The batch did not have the necessary permits and quota that are required for these very strictly regulated imports into the EU. This is one of the biggest seizures of F-gases made in the Netherlands. The seized cargo has a CO2 equivalent of 64,778 tonnes – that’s about the same amount as the average yearly emissions of 32,000 cars, or 25,000 flights within the EU. 

The interception of the illegal consignment was made possible by an alert from the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), which provided the Dutch authorities with intelligence on suspicious imports of F-gases into the country. The Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands will now decide on the next steps. 

OLAF has been actively monitoring the international traffic to the EU of F-gases (or HFC, as they are also called). These are potent greenhouse gases, often with a high global warming potential. To address this issue, an EU Regulation adopted in 2014 established a phase-down to gradually reduce the quantity of F-gases placed on the market. Only authorised companies can import F-gases, and a quota system was set up to limit the amount that companies can import. 

To tackle the black market in F-gases and the damage it causes, OLAF works closely with national and international authorities to detect, analyse and pass on tracking information and intelligence on suspicious shipments and operators. 

For more information on the seizure by the Dutch authorities, please see the news published by Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport.


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4 June 2024
European Anti-Fraud Office
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