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Novice6. december 2017Evropski urad za boj proti goljufijam

New Eurofisc features reinforce exchange of information between tax authorities, OLAF and Europol



New 'Eurofisc' features launched last week will allow Member States to exchange information and intelligence with OLAF and Europol via the platform. These features will allow OLAF and Europol to cross-check national information on possible fraud cases with their own data, thereby improving the coordination of investigations in the field of serious cross-border VAT fraud.

A new online system for information sharing within 'Eurofisc' will also give the European Union's existing network of anti-fraud experts in Member states better tools to share and analyse information among each other. 

These new features of Eurofisc are part of a wider number of European Commission measures to fight VAT fraud.

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6. december 2017
Evropski urad za boj proti goljufijam
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