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Articolo1 dicembre 2020Ufficio europeo per la lotta antifrode

OLAF and EU Member States get together to protect external aid from fraud


The EU is collectively the biggest donor of international aid in the world. Contributing to making sure that this money reaches those who need it the most is part of OLAF’s work – and as for everything we do, cooperation with partners is key in achieving it.

The first conference of the investigative units of the external aid agencies of the EU’s Member States took place at the end of last week. OLAF organised the event with the intention to share its investigative expertise and create a community of national experts that could exchange views and experiences as well as work together to fight fraud in external aid.

The meeting reunited professionals over 40 professionals from OLAF and 13 different agencies from all over the European Union. Following a rich and fruitful exchange, participants agreed to meet again in the coming months to strengthen the cooperation between all the agencies present.


Data di pubblicazione
1 dicembre 2020
Ufficio europeo per la lotta antifrode
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OLAF news article