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News article10 June 2015European Anti-Fraud Office1 min read

OLAF position on the adoption of the Motion for a Resolution on the OLAF Supervisory Committee's annual report 2014



  • OLAF takes note of the adoption by the European Parliament today of a Resolution on the OLAF Supervisory Committee's annual report 2014, and of the debate that preceded the adoption.
  • While OLAF recognises the Parliament's right of scrutiny, it regrets that yesterday's debate was not based on facts and evidence, but appeared predisposed and misinformed. It painted a one-sided and distorted picture of the work of OLAF, its relations with the Supervisory Committee and did not take into account OLAF’s performance and the numerous replies already provided by OLAF to the Supervisory Committee and to the European Parliament.
  • Many of the issues raised in the Resolution have already been addressed by OLAF, as is illustrated by the discussions and meetings taking place from January to date between OLAF and the Supervisory Committee on new Working Arrangements.
  • OLAF remains available for a continuous and constructive dialogue with all the EU Institutions, while focusing on its mission of detecting, investigating and stopping fraud involving EU funds.
  • The OLAF Report for 2014 was published on 2 June, presenting OLAF's strong investigative performance. OLAF looks forward to discussing its results with the European Institutions in the coming weeks.

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10 June 2015
European Anti-Fraud Office
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