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Tlačové komuniké2. februára 2017Európsky úrad pre boj proti podvodom

Thousands of packages of cigarettes hidden in a microbus, uncovered at the Calafat Border Police Point

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The Border Police from Dolj county uncovered in a microbus which was transporting boxes with biscuits more than 6,700 packages of cigarettes of Bulgarian origin, which a Bulgarian citizen tried to introduce illegally in the country.

At the end of last week, at the Calafat Border Cross Point, in Dolj county, a Bulgarian citizen Rosen D., 21 years’ old, entered the country at the wheel of a microbus registered in Bulgaria. According to the documents which accompanied the merchandise, he transported boxes with biscuits for a company in England. 

On detailed inspection of the transport, the joint investigation team formed of Romanian and Bulgarian policemen uncovered in the merchandise compartment 6,720 packages of cigarettes of Bulgarian origin, dissimulated in several boxes.

The car driver declared he was not aware that the cardboard boxes contained packages of cigarettes. 

In accordance with Romanian-Bulgarian protocol, the means of transport and cigarettes were seized and the driver apprehended by the Bulgarian Border Police with a view to continuing the investigations and imposing legal measures accordingly.  

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Microbus filled with boxes, ©Poliția de Frontieră

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Box containing packages of cigarettes, ©Poliția de Frontieră



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2. februára 2017
Európsky úrad pre boj proti podvodom
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Partner's press release