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Hercule II Programme (2007-2013)


Its general objective was to promote activities designed to boost EU action to prevent and combat fraud undermining the EU's financial interests – such as cigarette smuggling and counterfeiting. Hercule II's specific aims were to:

  1. boost transnational & multidisciplinary cooperation between EU countries' authorities, the European Commission & OLAF
  2. build networks throughout the EU, acceding countries & candidate countries — on the basis of a memorandum of understanding — to make it easier to share information, experience & best practice, while respecting each country's traditions
  3. provide technical & operational backing for national law enforcement authorities combating cross-border crime, with particular support for customs authorities
  4. strike a geographical balance by including, if possible, all EU countries, acceding states & candidate countries — in accordance with a memorandum of understanding — in the activities financed under Hercule II; this was to be done without undermining operational effectiveness
  5. step up measures in the most sensitive areas, especially combating cigarette smuggling & counterfeiting.

Types of activity

Hercule II part-funded 3 types of activity:

  •  technical assistance for national authorities
  •  training, seminars & conferences
  •  IT support.


Hercule II had a budget of EUR 98,525,000 for 2007-2013 – about EUR 14.3 m a year.

Results and achievements of the Hercule II Programme

Check examples of actions funded under Hercule II as well as information on results and achievemens of the programme on the Hercule Reports page.