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European Anti-Fraud Office
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European Commission Anti-Fraud Strategy

OLAF is the lead service for the Commission Anti-Fraud Strategy and, more generally, for the conception and development of an EU anti-fraud policy. In addition, a board composed of the Secretary-General and the heads of other central Commission services, supported by OLAF's Director-General, provide coordination, oversight, advice and strategic orientation regarding the fight against fraud on a Commission-wide level.


  • adapt fraud prevention, detection and investigation techniques to future threats
  • recover a higher proportion of funds affected by fraud
  • help anti-fraud bodies at EU level cooperate more effectively.


  • deepen our knowledge of fraud patterns and trends
  • use tailor-made anti-fraud strategies for each policy area while ensuring consistency and efficiency through a strong central review system
  • further enhance cooperation at the EU-level and with Member States and combine efforts more efficiently