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European Anti-Fraud Office
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Organisation and management

OLAF organisation chart (last update: 01/07/2024)  

OLAF Senior Management

Mr Ville Itälä - Director-General

Mr Ville Itälä
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Information on meetings held by the Director-General

Mr Andreas Schwarz - Deputy Director-General

Portrait photo of Andreas Schwarz, Deputy Director-General of OLAF
Mr Andreas Schwarz

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Directorate A – Expenditure - Operations and Investigations

Internal Investigations; Direct Expenditure - Operations and Investigations; Shared Management and Recovery and Resilience Facility - Operations and Investigations

Portrait photo of Joanna Krzeminska-Vamvaka
Ms Joanna Krzeminska-Vamvaka
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Ms Joanna Krzeminska-Vamvaka - Director - Short biographyDetailed biography

Directorate B – Revenue and International Operations - Investigations and Strategy

Customs, Trade and Tobacco Anti-Fraud Strategy; Illicit Trade, Health and Environment - Operations and Investigations; Customs and Trade - Operations and Investigations; International Operations and Investigations

Mr Ernesto Bianchi
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Mr Ernesto Bianchi - Director - Short biographyDetailed biography

Directorate C – Anti-Fraud Knowledge Centre

Anti-Corruption, Anti-Fraud Strategy and Analysis; Intelligence and Operational Analysis; Digital Strategy and Forensics; Monitoring and Reporting

Portrait photo of James Sweeney
Mr James Sweeney ©EU

Mr James Sweeney - Director - Short biographyBiography 

Directorate D – Legal, Resources and Partnerships

Legislation, Policy and Document Management; Legal Advice; Finance and Compliance, Procurement and Security; Cooperation with EPPO and Anti-Fraud Partners  

Profile picture of Ms Petra Kneuer
Ms Petra Kneuer

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Principal Adviser

Portrait photo of Florin Postica, Principal Adviser of OLAF
Mr Florin Postica

Mr Florin Postica - Principal Adviser - Short biographyDetailed biography 

While it has an individual independent status in its investigative function, OLAF is also part of the European Commission, under the responsibility of Johannes Hahn, Commissioner in charge of Budget and Administration.

A body of five outside experts - the Supervisory Committee - reinforce and guarantee OLAF’s independence by regularly monitoring the implementation of OLAF’s investigative function.