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Sajtócikk2015. szeptember 8.Európai Csalás Elleni Hivatal

Advancing the fight against customs fraud



Today, the European Parliament adopted a milestone amendment to the legislation governing mutual customs assistance between the Member States and between the Member States and the European Commission. The new provisions will help advance the fight against customs-related fraud. They will improve the current framework for detecting and investigating fraud at EU and national level, in particular through the creation of centralised databases containing information on container movements and on the goods entering, leaving and transiting the EU.

This initiative thus constitutes an important development in the common efforts to combat fraud at EU and national level. It will help strengthen the analytical capabilities of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), as well as those of national customs authorities.

The proposal to amend Regulation 515/97 was put forward by the Commission in 2013. Throughout 2014, the European Parliament and Council as co-legislators negotiated the text which has now been formally adopted. The amendment will be available here.



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2015. szeptember 8.
Európai Csalás Elleni Hivatal
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