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Press release27 October 2014European Anti-Fraud Office2 min read

Investigations and prosecutions by a European Public Prosecutor: what do practitioners think?


27 October 2014
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The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) is hosting on 26-28 October the Annual Fraud Prosecutors' Conference in Rome, in cooperation with the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU. Prosecutors from across Member States and EU experts will discuss the establishment of a European Public Prosecutor’s Office and its possible effects on the national judicial systems. In particular, participants will look at the scope of the envisaged competence of the European Public Prosecutor and will discuss how investigations and prosecutions would be carried-out in practice.

The Conference brings together experts who work on fraud cases affecting the financial interests of the EU in an increasingly trans-national context. At this edition, over 100 practitioners representing all EU Member States will exchange views on issues such as: the competence of a European Public Prosecutor's Office; the investigative measures available to such an Office; the admissibility of evidence. They will also discuss the legislative progress made on this Commission proposal under the Italian Presidency of the EU. These discussions seek to provide concrete input from specialists to support the work of the Italian Presidency.

This morning’s works were opened by introductory remarks by Ms Martine Reicherts, European Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship; Mr Giorgio Santacroce, Senior President of the Italian Supreme Court; Mr Gianfranco Ciani, General Prosecutor at the Italian Supreme Court; Mr Antonio Mura, Head of Department of Justice Affairs, Italian Ministry of Justice; Mr Franco Roberti, National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor and Mr Giovanni Kessler, Director-General of OLAF.


These discussions are to be seen in the context of the proposal presented by the European Commission last year to set up an EPPO - European Commission press release and memo of 17 July 2013. For further details please see: OLAF page on the European Public Prosecutor's Office

This morning’s speech by Commissioner Reicherts is available at: Protecting taxpayer’s money: a truly independent and efficient European Public Prosecutor


The mission of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) is threefold: it protects the financial interests of the European Union by investigating fraud, corruption and any other illegal activities; it detects and investigates serious matters relating to the discharge of professional duties by members and staff of the EU institutions and bodies that could result in disciplinary or criminal proceedings; and it supports the EU institutions, in particular the European Commission, in the development and implementation of anti-fraud legislation and policies.

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27 October 2014
European Anti-Fraud Office
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