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News article18 November 2015European Anti-Fraud Office1 min read

OLAF participates in 15th EPAC/EACN annual professional conference against corruption



18 November 2015

OLAF is participating in the 15th Annual Professional Conference of the European Partners against Corruption (EPAC) and the European Contact-point Network against corruption (EACN) from 18 to 20 November in Paris. The event is hosted by the French Inspection Générale de la Police Nationale (IGPN). OLAF's Director-General, Mr Giovanni Kessler, will preside it. Following the recent Paris attacks, the conference will start with a minute of silence as a sign of solidarity.

The conference gathers practitioners involved in the fight against corruption and from police oversight bodies. The purpose is to offer a platform for participants to share experience and cooperate across national borders in developing common strategies and high professional standards. The programme will on the one hand focus on ensuring efficient and transparent oversight of police bodies, and on the other hand concentrate on the link between prevention and repression in the fight against corruption. Similarly, practical workshop sessions will allow police oversight bodies to address the effective handling of public complaints, and anti-corruption authorities to examine the rules and practices on gifts and gratuities to public servants.

The European Partners against Corruption (EPAC) and European Contact-point Network against corruption (EACN) are independent forums that aim to prevent and combat corruption. EPAC was initiated in 2001 under the auspices of the Belgian Presidency of the European Union and subsequently established in 2004. EACN was formally established in 2008 based on the existing structures of EPAC. OLAF is a member of both EPAC/EACN and its Director-General, Mr Giovanni Kessler, has been its President since 2012.


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18 November 2015
European Anti-Fraud Office
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