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Naujienų straipsnis2021 m. spalio 21 d.Europos kovos su sukčiavimu tarnyba

OLAF supports operation against transnational crime on the EU’s eastern borders

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Despite its code-name, Operation ‘Joint Action Day Finestra’ (JAD Finestra) spanned across two weeks – from 27 September to 8 October – to tackle cross-border crime on the EU’s eastern and south-eastern land borders. 

A special focus was laid on tobacco smuggling, a lucrative business for criminal networks. JAD Finestra’s scope, however, included also other types of crimes – among which was migrant smuggling and related document fraud – and the exchange of intelligence between participating countries.

Results include the detection of 36 million illicit cigarettes, 2360 kg of tobacco, 160,000 litres of alcohol as well as 6000 litres of mineral oil. 

The operation was led by Frontex and the Romanian authorities. OLAF provided its support to facilitate information exchange and check it against its own intelligence. 13 countries participated in JAD Finestra – along with Frontex, OLAF, Europol, Eurojust, the European Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine, Interpol and the WCO.

More information can be found in a press release published by Frontex. 

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2021 m. spalio 21 d.
Europos kovos su sukčiavimu tarnyba
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