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Press release10 April 2020European Anti-Fraud Office1 min read

Romania: DLAF continues the fight against fraud against European funds, during the COVID-19 crisis in Bucharest

Partner's press release



Romania, like the whole of Europe, is going through one of the worst periods of the last 50 years, facing the COVID-19 pandemic, which has imposed restrictions on most European citizens. In this context, the Department for Anti-Fraud - DLAF has remained operational and committed to fight against fraud with European funds, in order to protect the financial interests of the European Union in Romania.

Since the state of emergency was decreed on the Romanian territory, the Department for Anti-Fraud - DLAF has adopted a series of measures aimed both to protect the citizens and the employees of the institution, as well as to ensure the unfolding of the activity in good conditions.

From March 14 until now, the Department has obtained the following results:

  • 20 control actions completed, in 5 cases identifying suspected fraud,
  • 15 preliminary checks completed, for 6 cases being issued proposals to open the control actions
  • In 5 cases, at the request of OLAF, DLAF provided technical assistance, respectively exchange of information and data on suspected irregularities or frauds affecting the financial interests of the EU in Romania, after which all the files were resolved,
  • Solving all OLAF requests and national authorities, transmitted during the reference period, regarding the transmission of information and clarifications related to the irregularities reported through the Irregular Management System - IMS.

Also, the activity of informing the public opinion has been carried out without interruption, being published materials regarding the results recorded by the institution and its European partner, the European Anti-Fraud Office, in the field of the fight against fraud, as well as to the preventive measures regarding the spread of COVID-19, adopted at the institutional and national level.

DLAF has elaborated specific rules for the continuation of optimal control activities, as well as those concerning the direct contact with citizens and the media, since they can no longer be realized by the presence at the DLAF headquarters or by trips to territory. At the same time, the institution ensured its employees continuous access, from a distance, through secure channels, to electronic platforms.

During this period, DLAF continued to cooperate with the European Anti-Fraud Office - OLAF and with the national institutions involved in the fight against fraud with European funds in Romania.

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Publication date
10 April 2020
European Anti-Fraud Office
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  • Partner's press release