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European Anti-Fraud Office
Report fraud

OLAF in figures

OLAF’s results in figures

Between 2010-2022, OLAF:

  • Concluded over 2600 investigations
  • Recommended the recovery of over €8.4 billion to the EU budget
  • Issued over 3400 recommendations for judicial, financial, disciplinary and administrative action to be taken by the competent authorities of the Member States and the EU

As a result of OLAF’s investigative work, sums unduly spent were gradually returned to the EU budget, criminals faced prosecution before national courts and better anti-fraud safeguards were put in place throughout Europe.

What is OLAF's caseload?

Workload in 2022:

  • OLAF concluded 256 investigations, issuing 275 recommendations to the relevant national and EU authorities.
  • OLAF recommended the recovery of €426.8 million to the EU budget.
  • OLAF opened 192 new investigations, following 1017 preliminary analyses carried out by OLAF experts.
2022 investigative performance depicted in charts and infographics
OLAF's 2022 investigative performance

How much does OLAF cost EU taxpayers?

  • OLAF's budget for 2022 was €61.6 million