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European Anti-Fraud Office
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Beware of hoax emails, letters and scam phone calls purporting to be from OLAF

A few incidents of fraud and phishing attempts using hoax messages, letters and scam phone calls purporting to be from OLAF, the European Anti-Fraud Office have been detected.

Fraudsters and scammers generally use the European Commission or OLAF’s logo and the identity of OLAF staff members, which can look convincing. They often offer to transfer you money on condition that you pay a charge and provide your financial and personal data.

If you, as a private citizen, receive such a request purporting to be from OLAF or one of its staff members, then it is a scam because OLAF NEVER offers or requests money transfers to or from citizens. OLAF investigates fraud affecting the EU budget, and suspicions of misconduct by EU staff.

Please do not reply or carry out any of the actions contained in the correspondence. You may consider reporting any fraud and/or phishing attempt to your national authorities competent for crimes and/or cybercrime. OLAF does not investigate scams related to cryptocurrencies or personal finances.

Other tell-tale signs that a correspondence is a hoax are the use of suspect bank accounts, inaccurate logos, incorrect email address and/or false website address. All genuine OLAF emails end with The correct address of the OLAF website is Please check!

Remember: OLAF investigators do NOT call or e-mail citizens to request or offer money!